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This is our third seasonal blog post and we hope you enjoy the insight into what is happening in our family business.

The Making Of a jeweller

This past year has been a steep learning curve for us with social media, photography and now we've embarked on our first experiment with videography!

We’re in the final stages of producing our first video (a preview features above) which tells the story of what’s involved in being a goldsmith and where it all starts when it comes to designing.

Hosted by Goldsmith Mark, he takes you through a journey of how he starts his design process, highlighting some of the tools and techniques involved that help create the finished piece of jewellery.

Despite our limited experience, the video was all shot in one morning and the editing took around 6 hours whilst we became familiar with new video editing software. There was also some time spent deliberating on software choice – Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier. For anyone interested - we went for Final Cut Pro for ease of use for beginners.

The video will be finished in the next few weeks whilst we record Mark’s narration. We’re looking forward to being able to share it with our followers and anybody who visits our website and wants to learn more about Mark’s job.

new team members

Now admittedly, some of our team members aren’t brand new but there’s some you won’t be entirely familiar with!

Firstly, we welcome our youngest team member, Taylor (pictured bottom right), who is our Goldsmith’s daughter. Taylor has joined our Morpeth team on Saturday’s, helping keeping things running smoothly by assisting her colleagues. It’s fantastic to have her on the team!

Rachael (pictured top left) is our newest team member for the Morpeth store. With 3 years jewellery making experience, we are excited to welcome her on to the workshop team alongside Mark. She’ll be getting more familiar with the jewellery workbench, helping repair your jewellery and make some of it too!

Chelsie (pictured bottom left) works for our business one day a week supporting our social media and marketing. From event planning to content, she’s a woman of many talents and adds a feminine touch to all our communications!

Our sister Sarah (pictured top right) has worked for our business on and off for several years but is currently helping our Whitley Bay store working part time. Sarah also runs her own bridal jewellery business online – sarahvuongbridaljewellery.com, so if you’re in the market for some bridal jewellery pop over and give her a visit!

new stone's just in!

Unlike a lot of high-street jewellers, we hand select every gemstone for our bespoke jewellery. Why do we do this? This process guarantees us that we are selecting only the very best gemstones to work with. We also get to see a lot of gemstones that otherwise wouldn’t be on our radar and some of these become our most unusual pieces. 

This month Mark has been selecting Salt & Pepper Diamonds to add to our depleting range! Salt & Pepper Diamonds, you ask!? These are diamonds which have a larger number of natural inclusions, which create a smoky mottled effect in the stone. 

These Diamonds are on an upward trend with many people desiring them for their individuality and uniqueness, with two gemstones never being the same. If you’re interested in getting in there first and having a Salt & Pepper ring made, get in touch with one of our stores.

Diamond Egg hunt

We’re holding our Diamond Egg Hunt in Morpeth between April 1st-April 10th.

The event was first thought of to bring families together after lockdown and take part in an outdoor group activity that would keep kids and adults entertained. We also wanted to highlight Morpeth as a great shopping destination. Last year was a huge success and so we’re holding the event again this year.

So what will does a Diamond Egg Hunt entail?

Well, we hide 1 diamond per day in a golden eggs somewhere in Morpeth. We provide clues on each morning through our Facebook and Instagram to direct hunters to the egg’s whereabouts. The lucky hunter will get to keep the diamond inside but will also get to submit the golden ticket, also enclosed, into our prize draw to win a 0.50ct diamond. 

It all sounds easy right? Don’t be fooled, some of the clues are very cryptic and will require your thinking cap and running shoes!

We hope to see as many of you as possible join us this year during the Easter holidays!

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