Specialists In Bespoke Wedding Bands

Because no wedding is ever the same, no wedding bands are either.
That's why we specialise in bespoke wedding bands and can offer you your own unique rings.

If you've seen a design you love, have an idea you've dreamt of or simply want an inspiring piece of jewellery to mark the special occasion, we can make it in our in-house workshop.

We also understand some of our clients love tradition, so we also offer traditional wedding bands too and can have these subtly personalised with hand engraving.

Your special day means the world to us, so we'd love to hear from you and your loved one.

Make It Special

We have been trusted for over 20 years to play our small part in your special day.

Our dedicated team will help guide you through each step of selecting your forever rings.

Make It Unique

You'll be stuck for choice.

With a wide selection of plain and diamond set bands we have you covered.

We even make shaped and fitted wedding bands to go around your existing engagement ring!

Make It Sustainable

We are proud to be able to offer two sustainable options when it comes to precious metals.

If being sustainable is important to you then ask for a quote on using 'Single Mine Origin Gold' or 'Recycled Gold' to make your wedding bands.

Each option carries its own stamp which we will apply on the inside of the ring as a mark of the material used.

Meet Our Team

If you are interested in discussing how we could help you then get in touch with our team.

Our friendly and dedicated design team are here to help and allieviate the stresses that we know comes with organising your big day.

Pop in for an hour, grab a coffee or a tea, have a chat and try some rings on!