Fall in love again...

Do you have a piece of unworn or unwanted jewellery in your collection?
Then why not let our Designer Goldsmith reimagine it into something you can fall in love with all over again? 

With lots of experience in a range of remodelling methods, he’ll work with you to craft the perfect piece to bring your jewellery back to life.

If you have a piece or pieces of jewellery that you would like to discuss having remodelled then click below to make an appointment.

Generation to Generation

Does your family have a piece of jewellery that’s passed down through generations? These items often have sentimental value, so it’s important to honour the special meaning it holds for your loved ones.

However, that doesn’t mean jewellery can’t be remodelled to suit the next owner. In the piece shown on this page, we used a great-grandmother’s and grandmother’s engagement ring to make this beautiful pendant for an 18th Birthday.

It was a fabulous example of how we can incorporate a number of items to create a really special piece which can be enjoyed for many more years.

Contemporary Designs

Some of our designs offer a great flexibility when reusing your existing gemstones. 

With the piece shown here, its contemporary style means that it works with stones of all different colours and sizes.

Read about the customers we have helped rediscover the beauty of their unworn jewellery.

Remount Your Gemstones

The most-loved jewellery succumbs to wear and tear eventually, no matter how careful you are. Don’t panic, though. We can copy the existing design and remount the gemstones.

That way, you don't lose any of the original charm, but be reassured that your gemstones are completely secure. This means you can continue to wear them day-to-day with complete peace of mind.