Winter is slowly catching up with us all, especially here in in the North East.

We start 2023 with the hope of being a bit  more organised and it marks the first full year ahead for our new store in Whitley Bay!

If you didn't follow the progress of our store opening you can read a little more about how we came to open it in our dedicated blog post. Just click the link below.

Whitley Bay Giveaway

In January we began planning our first competition we’d run exclusively online through our social media called: 'The Whitley Bay Giveaway'.

During the opening of our third store in Whitley Bay we had so much support from local businesses that we wanted to give something back and create an exciting opportunity for our followers, residents and regional shoppers!

Going door to door to retailers up and down the street, we were met with an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm whilst Matt pitched our idea: to create an online competition whereby the winner gets a collection of vouchers from Whitley Bay’s best independent shops!

And wow, we had a fantastic response from so many retailers and managed to raise a whopping £825 worth of vouchers! What an amazing prize!

The competition ran for an entire week where we asked people to like, follow, comment and share our post. That week we took the opportunity to showcase the businesses involved on our stories all week by sharing videos and images and allowing them to tell their story to a new audience.

The engagement we received was incredible, with over 500 entries across both Facebook and Instagram. We also saw more than 400 new Instagram followers join our online family and help make the competition a success.

Congratulations to Katie Crosby who won the £825 of vouchers and thank you to everyone involved in making this a fabulous competition!

Blueberry Squaare

Kith and Kin

Cornflower Blue Florist

Dicks Pizza

Rustic Cup


Pure Knead

The Bound Bookshop


Hot Potz

Nicholsons Butcher

Escape Boutique

Madi Bakes




Just Canny

Craft House

Boston Barks

Eat Clean


Edens Cafe

Request A Guest

Sweet Pattiserie


Jam Jar Cinema

Our Whitley Bay

New watch stock

We continue to see some interesting moves in the pre-owned watch market. Certainly Rolex prices have come down substantially from where we saw them a few years ago.

Our newest editions for the Christmas period are a Rolex Submariner and Rolex GMT Master II. Both of these watches are complete examples and brand new.

We're starting to see a lot more interest in vintage watches which maybe indicates where the market might turn to next over the next few years.

If you are interested in a specific watch and would like us to source it for you then get in touch with our team today.

Linesbehind - Collaboration

Exciting Collaboration between Linesbehind X The Jewellers Guild

We're thrilled to announce a new partnership with James Dixon, the genius that is Linesbehind, in a fantastic new jewellery brand that will feature Linesbehind's signature artistic style.

Our new store showcased a custom graphic featuring James' artwork during the renovation of our Whitley Bay Store. The amount of positive feedback we received from locals regarding the artwork was what inspired the idea.

The project will start around the beginning of the year with a view to have product ready for sale by Christmas 2023.

Bespoke Jewellery - diary open

Mark’s Workshop Now Accepting Orders for Custom Pieces in 2023-24

Mark is now receiving orders for unique, handcrafted pieces. Customers can see an example of his stunning work in the exquisite piece he designed last year, which incorporated diamonds from a customer's unworn rings.

Mark takes pleasure in creating these one-of-a-kind commissions because he enjoys hearing the story and importance behind the customer's jewelry. Additionally, he has the ability to reimagine existing pieces to match the customer's preferences.

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