The Beginning

Whether I'm making a piece of jewellery for a client or as part of our bespoke range, 
sketching my ideas down is the first place I begin.

When the design is finalised, I then move on to source my materials and any gemstones I need, and bring the whole piece together in the workshop.

No Pens or Pencils

The Sketch

I have recently embraced using ProCreate for my designs. It’s a drawing application that I use on an iPad, which lets me use an Apple Pencil.

Being able to draw on a screen makes it easier to design, sketch and render my designs.

Here on this page is one of my more recent designs, which has all been sketched through ProCreate. What do you think?

Exploring Materials

Exploring Gemstones

I'll often have an idea of which gemstones I'd like to use in a piece of jewellery.

We have trusted stone suppliers - we've forged relationships with them over more than 20 years – so I can rely on them to get me the right stone.

Ethical stones are also hugely important for me, and that's why we only use a small handful of selected suppliers.

Final Design

Off To The Workbench

Once I've decided on the final design and selected my materials and gemstones there's nothing left to do but start creating the piece!

A piece of jewellery can take me anywhere from a few hours to a few days to make depending on the complexity.