The Finish

'Finishing' is the final stage of a piece of jewellery.

This is where I use a variety of polishing techniques, the jewellery gets a final clean and is finally hallmarked.

I'll also make sure that the ring meets the specification in look, size and symmetry.

I then ensure the piece is hallmarked and stamped accordingly.

Final Stage


This is the polishing machine, which I use to give the final finish on any new jewellery but I can also refurbish existing jewellery on here.

I use a series of cutting compounds that I apply onto a spinning mop head. I use multiple mop heads, each with a different cutting compound, in order to get a high finish.

This is a pretty dirty process so after I'm happy with the finish it's off to get cleaned!

Cleaning With


I find steam is the best method of cleaning a finished piece of jewellery.

Using a foot pedal, I can activate the steam which then forces steam at high pressure out of the tap that you can see here.

The heat and high pressure makes light work in removing dirt and grime, which is important in a busy workshop.

The Stamp


A hallmark is an official mark or series of marks struck on items made of metal to denote their purity.
In Jewellery, these are Silver, Gold & Platinum.

Hallmarking can only be carried out at one of the UK's Assay Offices.

However, I have 3 stamps that I am permitted to use

- I have a stamp to denote us as the maker - TJG (The Jewellers Guild)

- I designed a stamp for pieces made with 'Single-Mine Origin' Gold.

- Finally, I have a stamp for pieces I've made with 'Recycled Gold'.