The Making

I can't take you through every process I use to make a piece of jewellery in this section,
but I can demonstrate the tools I typically use, as well as the standard jewellery-making techniques.

It's important to use good quality materials and tools in order to achieve a professional and high finish. 

It's a privilege to have access to so many industry-leading tools and to use them however I want. As you can imagine, that really makes every piece a joy to make.

shaping with

The Rolling Mill

You may not realise it, but many pieces of jewellery start with precious metal wire.

I use a tool called the rolling mill, which I roll the metal through to manipulate the size and shape of it.

The rolling mill makes light work of it and gives a consistent piece of wire every time.

Bending With

The Ring Bender

I can turn metal up into a ring using a tool called the ring bender. 

It's a bit of a primitive tool compared to some of the others I use, but very helpful.  

The metal is fed into the tool, and using a handle, I can push the metal against the circular die and force it in to the shape I need.

Cleaning Up With The

Pendant Drill

This is the most versatile tool in my arsenal. Jewellers use multiple different heads for finishing, texturing and drilling. The Dremel I use is a little more advance than a domestic model.

In this image, I'm polishing the inside of the ring with a polishing compound on some cotton.