Golden Easter Egg Hunt

Golden Easter Egg Hunt

How about experiencing the thrill of the Golden Easter Egg Hunt in Morpeth! 

For the first time ever last year we held an Easter experience like no other. A Diamond Eggs-travaganza! Yes, we hid real diamonds around Morpeth.

Lots of you took a crack at finding the 10 diamonds we hid, with lots of families and friends coming together to find the holy grail - a golden egg with a diamond inside.

We weren't yoking about with our clues, some of them were pretty tough but if you solved the clue then you just needed to get your running shoes on to find the golden prize.

If you were lucky enough to find one, not only did you get to keep the diamond you found but you also got entered in to our prize draw to win a 0.50ct diamond!

If this all sounds "EGG-straordinary!" then you'll be pleased to know we are running the same event this April 1st 2023.

Join us for the Golden Easter Egg Hunt in Morpeth, follow the clues on our social media and prepare to be a part of the best Easter egg hunt you'll have ever taken part in.